Seasonal Happenings

  • 10 Things to Do With Kids During the Summer
    Take a Trip to the Farmers' Market. Farmers' markets are surprisingly family-friendly, offering great stimulation for children.  They present a unique learning environment where kids experienc... Read More »
  • 31 Days of Summer Fun
    1. Have a block party. This could be as elaborate as a potluck BBQ, carnival games and friendly family competitions or as simple as an ice cream sundae party. Either way, get your friends and neighb... Read More »
  • San Diego Family's Ultimate Summer SandBucket List
    We San Diegans have it really rough—living in a top summer travel destination that others dream of visiting someday. One thing is sure: there is no shortage of fun things to do, especially when the ... Read More »
  • 7 Summer Dates for You and Your Mate
    There is something to be said about warmer weather and longer sunlight hours. It reminds us of the newness of young love and the excitement of growing closer as we spend more time together. As summer ... Read More »

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