Seasonal Happenings

  • Websites for Grandparents
    Grandparents play a vital role in family lifeFor parents and grandparents looking for ways to strengthen those familial bonds, check out the following websites for some fun and practical ideas: Read More »
  • 15+ Spring Break Activities - 2015
     Spring Break Activities 2015Things change. That’s why we’ve included phone numbers and websites when available. Please call to confirm dates, times and admission prices. Tell them you heard ... Read More »
  • 5 Ideas for an Easter-themed Playdate
    Have you ever considered having an Easter-themed playdate for your toddler and his friends? Easter egg hunts are fun, but they can be overwhelming for toddlers, especially if older children are involv... Read More »
  • Celebrate Easter With These (Almost) Sugar-free Ideas
    The Easter holiday invites a bit of excess.During medieval times, Easter Sunday was the day when Lenten fasts of eggs, dairy, and fat were broken, thus an inundation of rich treats was prepared to cel... Read More »

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