Toddler Product Review


Toddler Products! Check out these products designed especially for the growing curiosity and independence of toddlers.


Longboard Surfboard Growth Chart - The Wave

Growth Chart Art is a green and handcrafted line of artistic wooden growth charts. There are many popular designs all created in a style that is adult friendly and can hang anywhere in a home. Handcrafted in New Hampshire using Baltic Birch plywood (birch is sustainably farmed) and UV cured (solvent free) inks/coating. Personalize any chart with a child or family name, or even a special saying. “Beautiful, well made growth chart for any age,” says Jen. “The surfboard theme looks great in my son’s room.”


All American Sports Sleeping Bag

Kids heading to a sleepover or to a relative's home for the holidays will love snuggling in the plush Minky Cricketzzz sleeping bags with built-in pillows. Each bag is extra soft and durable and sold in awesome prints and patterns like pirates, camo and fuchsia flowers. Perfect for sleepovers and classroom nap times, you'll never worry about your child's comfort again! “Super soft and cute themes for boys and girls,” says Michele. “My son loves it!”


Temp Traq Temperature Sticker

Fevers are commonplace for babies and can be scary for moms. Temp Traq is a wearable, wireless, continuously monitoring intelligent thermometer that constantly sends health alerts to parents on their smartphone. Mom Tiffany likes the hands free temperature monitoring and that it graphs your data about temperature so you don’t have to write it all down.


The Original Crazy Foam

The playful essential in American homes throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is back and better than ever! Kids will love this 3-in-1 bodywash, shampoo and conditioner that comes in cans adorned with pop culture superheroes. They will also have so much fun playing with the foam to create fun shapes in the tub. Plus, it will be a gift to parents too since it makes bath time so much easier and stress-free! "My son loves this and actually wants to take a bath now!" says Julie.



These portable scissors are designed by parents to make it more convenient to cut adult food down to the size safe for young children. They are faster than a fork and knife and can be used directly in a child’s bowl or plate. They even work one handed-great for when the other hand is holding a hungry, screaming baby. “Easy to cut food into pieces. I keep it in my diaper bag for daily use,” says Denise.


Starry Night Sun Shade™

This sun shade helps block sun and glare for great year round protection. Its unique, lightweight perforated PVC fabric has a cool star design that will glow in the dark. It also rewinds with the touch of a button so it’s up and out of the way in a flash. Attaches securely to any window with super strong suction cups. “Easy to install and works great,” says Jeff.



SoapSox are adorable plush friends that kids can play with during the day and then take into the bath at night. Just add soap, and your child’s SoapSox will become a washcloth that can wash away all the dirt and grime and leave no tears behind. Machine washable, making care super easy on parents. Anti-microbial sponge helps keep germs away while kids play. Brenda says, “My daughter loves playing with this in the bathtub and it makes it easy for me to get her clean.”


Keen Riley Shoes

For the adventurer, the Riley provides the support and protection that allows kids to run free, without the fear of a sprained ankle. The hook-and-loop design allows for a tight and secure fit that is easy to take off and variety of colors ensures options for everyone. Mom Tiffany says, “The bottom of these are like tennis shoes, so they are perfect for all terrains and the two sets of Velcro straps make is easy to adjust the shoes for narrow or wide feet.”

Published: September 2015


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