Over 600 Things To Do in San Diego

All dressed up and no where to go? With Out & About, you'll never have to utter (or hear) the words "I'm bored" again!  Use this resource to find oodles of fun things to do in specific areas of San Diego County.

  • Pier Fishing in San Diego - Part Two
    It’s a sunny Saturday and you’re casting about for an adventure. Something outside, something for the whole family, and equally important, something that won’t break the bank. A smile spreads ac... Read More »
  • 6 Unique Ice Cream Shops in San Diego
    » Find more unique treats around San Diego in Frozen Treats to Beat the Heat. We don’t have to take a trip back in time to enjoy the luxury of true homemade ice cream. San Diego has plenty of parlo... Read More »
  • Kids Go Wild at Mission Trails Regional Park
    Have you seen a Pepsis wasp drag a much larger tarantula to its burrow? Do you know where to spot a woodrat’s den or why male lizards do “push-ups”? Does your child know the difference between a... Read More »
  • 9 Girls Night Out Ideas for Mom
    Every woman—especially moms—needs a monthly night out with her friends to relax and recharge. Looking for new ways to spend time with your BFFs? Be inspired by these unique ideas that will transfo... Read More »

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