Business Spotlight

Find more local businesses in our annual BEST OF FAMILY FUN section. We asked for parents to help us compile a list of the BEST local family-friendly hotspots.

  • Business Spotlight June 2014
    Fine Art Techniques Taught in Fun Setting“Inspire SD Studio is the next generation in paint and wine style workshops. All of our workshops are family friendly and most of them are process based wh... Read More »
  • Business Spotlight May 2014
    Indoor Playground for All Ages Opens in Santee“Urban Jungle is a massive indoor playground metropolis filled with fun and adventurous activities and structures built for kids of all ages,” says ... Read More »
  • Business Spotlight April 2014
    Pediatric Dental Care Specialists Celebrate 25 Years of Service“We provide excellent pediatric dental care and orthodontics to the children and adolescents of San Diego” says Eric Dixon, D.D.S.,... Read More »
  • Business Spotlight March 2014
    Studio Dedicated to the Sport of Jump Roping Opens“San Diego needed a fully equipped jump rope studio,” says Melinda Everett, owner and head coach of the newly opened Double Dutch House in Clair... Read More »

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