Book & Multimedia Reviews

  • Must Read Books For All Ages
    Exciting new kids books for all ages!  Children’s Activity Atlas by Jenny Slater$16.95; SterlingPublishing.comIncludes bright, colorful maps; postcards from six different continent; fun... Read More »
  • Interactive Fun for Babies and Parents
    Off the Shelf takes a new twist with a mix of books and activities to make the most of the time spent with your children. From books to music CDs and more, these selections offer hours of fun activiti... Read More »
  • Stories to Satisfy Kids of All Ages
    There’s no better way to show children how much they are loved than by spending time reading with them. From toddlers to tweens and teens, this month’s selections are packed with stories that your... Read More »
  • Books on How to Have Fun the Old Fashion Way
    Today’s kids are captivated by a high-tech world, so this month’s selections are geared to getting you and your children back to basics. The theme is old-fashioned fun, and these books will give y... Read More »

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