Book & Multimedia Reviews

  • Books on How to Have Fun the Old Fashion Way
    Today’s kids are captivated by a high-tech world, so this month’s selections are geared to getting you and your children back to basics. The theme is old-fashioned fun, and these books will give y... Read More »
  • Children’s Books Promote Love and Learning in Spanish
    This month’s books reviews are geared for little ones and are quite a treat because they are a mix of English and Spanish language books. For English-speaking families, one of these books includes a... Read More »
  • Baby Advice and More
    What can a trained doula tell you about pregnancy and birth? The Doula Guide to Birth: Secrets Every Pregnant Woman Should Know is a handy resource offering advice on every pregnancy topic and bi... Read More »
  • Going Green for You and Your Family
    Raising awareness and making lifestyle changes are two ways to begin a greener tomorrow today. In The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green, author Terra Wellington demonstrates how saving the ea... Read More »

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