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  • Family Travel to Florida
    Family Travel to Florida:  Beyond the Beach and Mickey Mouse When most people think of Florida, two things typically come to mind: the beach and Disney World. The beaches and mouse do bring mi... Read More »
  • Family Travel to Monterey, CA
    Monterey is one of those wonderful reasons to visit California’s Bay Area. If you’re visiting San Francisco, you can make it in a day trip, or plan to stay for several nights. It’s home to the M... Read More »
  • Family Travel Scottsdale, Arizona
    Located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale, Arizona is bordered by Phoenix to the west and the McDowell Mountains on the east. Mesmerizing views of the scenic desert terrain is reason enough ... Read More »
  • Family Travel to Los Angeles
    Just beneath its star-studded, concrete-covered surfaces, Los Angeles houses a deep and inviting well of cultural attractions and natural wonders. Pushing right up to the cliffs overlooking the Pacifi... Read More »

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