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You don't have to be a domestic goddess to plan a spectacular event. Revisit this page in June to view the latest, cutting edge Party Planner in which you'll find the best in family entertainment, party venues and more.

  • Slumber Party Do's and Don'ts
    Does the thought of 10 kids sleeping over at your house all on the same night freak you out? Do you picture getting zero sleep because you have to deal with said kids all night long? Do you picture fo... Read More »
  • What to do when Birthdays Fall on Holidays
    How to create a special celebration for your child who's birthday falls on a holiday.To you it might be the Fourth of July, but to Laurie, it’s her daughter Nicole’s sixth birthday. Jenna’s birt... Read More »
  • How to Plan a Birthday Party While Going Green!
    Birthday Party Ideas.  How to Plan a Birthday Party While Going Green!After attending a recent birthday party for my 6-year-old son’s friend, I came home wondering what kids learn about garbage... Read More »
  • Plan a Dinosaur Party
    If your child is nuts about dinosaurs, you might want to consider throwing a dinosaur theme birthday party this year. The dino theme party is a perfect for boys although you may find girls want in on ... Read More »

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