Baby Product Review: In the Nursery

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Baby Product Review. New or expectant parents can choose from a variety of products that can make every day with that bundle of joy just a little easier.

diaper bag

Laura Ashley 4-in-1 Rose Floral Dome Backpack Diaper Bag

Large enough to store everything you need and the roomy top zip backpack is made from printed microfiber that easily wipes clean. With lots of pockets to hold everything from keys to diapers, the bag comes with a cushioned changing pad and a wet pack. To make sure this bag is functional for every lifestyle, there are cushioned, adjustable back straps and attached stroller straps as well. Sarah says, "The wipes on the side are handy and the changing pad is nice and the backpack and stroller straps makes life much easier!"


Spending part of your pregnancy on your back? Some doctors suggest bed rest for anything from high blood pressure, growth problems in the baby, or preterm labor. Get the relaxation you need with Dreampad, a technology-based solution for reducing stress and providing sleep. A comfy pillow which uses patented technology to ease you into a peaceful sleep through relaxing sounds and gentle vibrations that only you can hear, Dreampad will help you and baby get your nightly shut-eye.

hugabooHugaboo Infant Sitting Chair

With Hugaboo’s Infant Sitting chair, any new mom can complete her to-do list while their newborn remains comfortable and safe. Simply prop your infant into the Hugaboo seat and never have to worry about them sliding onto the floor or swaying back and forth. Durable to protect infants as young as 3 to 11 months (as long as they can hold their head), Hugaboo lets them giggle and interact with their surroundings, all while remaining cozy and relaxed. "My son loves sitting in this and it allows me to get work done knowing my son is safe and happy," says Julie.


Cocoon Cam
$149.99-$189.99 with 6 or 12-mo. subscription;

Cocoon Cam is a baby video monitor with breathing detection which uses a cloud-based technology to detect breathing without physically touching your baby. It’s a 24/7 Breathing Rate monitor with real time smart alerts when a baby needs attention. The 2-way audio lets parents listen and talk to baby anytime and from anywhere (including an iPhone, Android, Mobile or Internet source). The amazing wireless HD 720p video works both during day and night thanks to night vision. Best of all for baby, there are no uncomfortable wearables to put on. "Gives me peace of mind at night," says Julie.


Yoee Baby Puppy

Helps promote interaction and bonding, sensory and language development, body awareness, and gross and fine motor skills. Gentle rattle and crinkles, silicone teether, high contrast colors, playful characters, chew-safe tag, no BPA or phthalates. "Great bonding time with baby!" says Melissa. "And a great toy for an older sibling to use to play with baby."


WaterPura Baby Wipes
$31.50 for 9 packs of 60 count;

Keep your bundle of joy fresh and clean with WaterPura, the only American-made, chemical-free baby wipes on the market. These delicately crafted baby wipes are 99.9% water, strong, soft, contain zero fragrances/oils and are designed to prevent skin irritation.


Milkmaid Goods Nursing Poncho

This unique and fashionable design cover both the front and back of the Poncho, creating a comfortable nursing environment for both you and your little one. In addition, the ponchos can double as a car seat cover, to create the perfect naptime setting for your baby whether you’re running errands or taking a peaceful stroll through the park. Made of a stretchy, breathable, lightweight fabric for full comfort and protection. "I love how much it covers for nursing in public," says Rachel. "And the lightweight fabric is great for San Diego."


Green Goo Nursing Cream

Green Goo’s Nursing Cream is crafted with a delicate formula of Calendula and Chamomile flowers and other skin-loving ingredients that are 100% organic. This natural salve is a top choice among nursing mamas looking for maximum skin protection, relief and is a reliable and safe choice for their baby. "Works great and is easy to carry in my diaper bag," says Shelley.


Mommy's Watches

This unique, innovative device gives parents a quick and easy way to keep track of the time and temperature of breast milk bottles and bags. Mommy’s Watches is a timer which counts down faster at room temperature and slower at refrigerator temperatures while accounting for the safety guidelines. It self-adjusts the expiration time based on the temperature that is exposed to. "A nice reminder to make sure refrigerated milk is used in a timely manner," says Tracy.


Beatrix Potter Activity Toy

Great for teething and rattling, this lovable toy will delight and entertain the smallest hands for hours. The Velcro strap makes this toy easy to attach to a crib or stroller for on the go fun. Designed to amuse and aid in toddler development. "Easy for my daughter to grip and can attach to anything," says Melissa.


My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Gender Reveal Kit

Consist of a cuddly, adorable stuffed tan bear, a red heart shaped, battery-powered recorder, a blue bow tie, a pink tutu, and a box to conceal the gender until you’re ready to tell the world. Take the recorder to your doctor’s appointment or local ultrasound studio and simply press to record 20 seconds of your baby’s heartbeat. "Great product for anyone who just found out they are pregnant," says Julie.


Crescent Womb

Crescent Womb is an infant sleeper that you can take anywhere. By using a natural, breathable, flexible, mesh this system is designed to promote a healthy environment, regardless of a baby’s movement or positioning. Designed to ease the transition from being in the womb to being in the world. Supporting them with a soothing, familiar environment will also help soothe a colicky baby. Damien says, "I love this! It works great and is totally safe. It's breathable and just a cool baby product!"


Cross Baby Elephant Ear

Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort. Chiropractor-inspired and mom-designed, it can go wherever baby goes - stroller, swing, bouncer, changing table, wherever and whenever support is needed. Michelle says, "Fun pillow, cute design and fits well. Can be used in various settings, which is great."



The Zipadee-Zip provides a womb like environment, but with room to push up, roll over, and wiggle around safely. The slight resistance in the "Wing-Span" helps a baby self-soothe and sleep better than they would in a traditional sleep sack or PJ'S. "The hideaway zipper is nice so it doesn't rub on my daughters face or chin," says Michele. "And she can't wiggle out of it like with other swaddlers I have used."

in view

In View 2.0 Digital Color Video Monitor

The In View 2.0 Digital Color Video Monitor has a 5” color LCD screen with automatic black and white night vision so parents can see and hear baby at all times of the day, giving them peace of mind that baby is sleeping safely. The monitor has the ability to monitor up to four rooms at the same time. Camera has a soft-glow nightlight option that turns on/off conveniently from the parent unit. "Makes it easy to get things done around the house," says Noga. "I like the volume on the receiver and the picture quality is good."


The SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

The SwaddleMe Original Swaddle is an adjustable infant wrap that has a secure hook and loop closure for easy, safe swaddling. When baby sleeps better, so do parents. The secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents their startle reflex that can wake them. "My son sleeps so calmly when wearing this," says Jennifer.


Boppy Nursing Pillow

This snug pillow will completely enhance the breastfeeding experience for you and your bundle of joy. This versatile pillow lifts baby to a more ergonomic position granting mom relief to arms and back. As baby grows the pillow can also transition to a propping, tummy time and sitting pillow. Choose from a colorful array of machine washable slipcovers to personalize your Boppy Pillow for full comfort and style. "Makes nursing so much more comfortable on mom!" says Nancy.


Laura Ashley 5 oz.-11 oz. Bottles

All bottles feature a durable, BPA-free design. "Love the floral print and all the bottle sizes and options in this line," says Megan.


New Mom Comics: The First Year by Alison Wong

New Mom Comics: The First Year is a compilation of a year of comics about the adventures of being a new mom.  It's a humorous guide on what to expect that first year, perfect for new or experienced parents alike. "My husband and I laughed out loud when we read this," says Tanya. "Great for any new parent."

Published: April 2017