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Fun Family Board Games

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board games

Family Board Games. Get the family together for game night with these fun family games.

munchkinMunchkin Legends
$29.99; 10+

In this stand-alone, easy-to-learn game, you won’t be able to stop laughing as you fight monsters, grab treasure, and stab your buddies in the back. In your quest for victory Kill the Minotaur, wield Thor’s Hammer, and more.


Happy Salmon Game
$14.99; 6+

Happy Salmon is the simple, fast-paced card game packed with high-fivin’, fin-flappin’ foolishness. There are no turns. Players call out the action shown on their cards as fast as they can. When two players have a match, they celebrate by performing the action. Actions include the classic “High 5”, the cool “Pound It”, the frantic “Switcheroo”, and the delightful “Happy Salmon”. Each time a player celebrates a match, they quickly discard a card. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins.

top that

Top That!
$21.99; 6+

Put on your hat, break out your props, and hide your rabbits in this magical match up. When the challenge card is flipped over, players race to stack their objects in one single pile following three simple rules: objects printed in color must be visible on the stack, objects printed in grey must be hidden inside objects on the stack, and objects surrounded by stars must be kept empty.

logicLogic Labyrinth
$7.49; 6+

Find your way through the mysterious cavern by piecing together a treasure map. Whoever has a quick eye for combinations will win the treasure from the mighty genie. An intriguing lickety-split brainteaser game for 2-5 players.

escapeEscape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor
$21.99; 10+
Escape the Room events are happening in cities all over the world, and now one can happen in your home with the first play-at-home version. In this timed party game, players decipher clues and solve puzzles to unravel the mystery of the town’s well-respected astronomer – without actually locking anyone in a room.


$16.99; 10+

Each tile gives the receiving player the power to unleash a special action on the opponent of their choice. Whether it's making them play without using their thumbs, or forcing them to do a lap around the table, each action is sure to cause mayhem while players race to use all their letter tiles and complete their own word grids.

camerarollCamera Roll
$21.99; 12+

This game lets your pictures tell the story of your life. Let's face it, you have photos on your phone... do you have a snapshot from a birthday party? How about a picture from your vacation? You have 30 seconds. Can you find something hot or a big mistake in your photo library? Every player is involved in every round. Just find the photo with whatever the card says.

triumphTriumph Tumble
$79.99; 9+

A large twist on a traditional block-stacking, Triumph Tumble includes 54 pieces which are used to construct a 27” tower. The object of the game is to remove blocks from the tower while keeping the structure standing.


Phone Phever
$29.99; 13+

Individual players (or teams) match both wits and smartphone skills in answering 1,200 fascinating trivia questions and completing hilarious challenges, all of which cleverly explore how the world's favorite invention -- the telephone -- has shaped music, movies, TV, history and technology, law and politics, and the rest of Western pop culture. There really is something for everyone and best of all, to play Phone Phever, only your phone needs to be smart.


$24.95; 14+

Players answer four questions and spot the link between the answers faster than the other teams. If they get it right, they win a letter. Collect enough letters to spell LINKEE and they win the game. Over a third of the cards are user-generated, so questions are topical, relevant and fun. The true genius about LINKEE is that it’s anti-genius: there’s a question on every card that someone can answer.


Monkey Beach
$19.99; 3+

Use your sense of touch to retrieve the treasures from where they’ve been hidden inside the volcano. Join the quest and help the monkey pirates find their long-lost buried treasure. Feel for the hidden treasure shapes within the cloth island and guide them out through beach, waterfall or jungle openings. Quickly collect your treasures before the volcano erupts.


Dr. Eureka
$19.99; 8+

Solve the challenge cards by passing the molecules back and forth between test tubes without touching or dropping them. Race to finish first and be the best scientist in the lab.

riidng hood

SmartGames Little Red Riding Hood
$24.99; 4+

Kids can now help Little Red find the right path to Grandma’s house. But beware. The wolf will get there faster. This game comes packaged with a picture book with the original story. Grandma, what great taste you have in puzzles.


Anaxi Card Game
$21.99; 8-99 years

During a round, draw three Anaxi word cards and overlap them. All players work at the same time and have one minute to write down as many people, places or things that share overlapping qualities. Players with original and unique answers score points.


Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Game
$14.95; 7+

This quick-paced board game is based on the original Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm live ant habitat. Kids race their ant movers along colorful paths and from chamber to chamber collecting their baby ants. Once all baby ants are collected, the first ant to race back to the Queen Ant’s chamber wins.


SmartGames Walls & Warriors
$21.99; 6+

Kids get to journey back to a time of castles and brave knights in this intriguing puzzle. Youngsters (and young adults) need to protect the blue warriors within the castle and to keep the red ones outside the walls. A 3D rock, an additional central tower building and gradual tips and hints make this puzzle game memorable again and again.


Inquiry Cards
$24.95; 8+

Inquiry Cards are a meaningful game for the family, a beautiful decoration, a problem-solving tool (great for teens!), and most importantly something people love to give. Inquiry Cards ask YOU the questions. Good questions that draw out meaningful answers. The dazzling kaleidoscopic images are from nature—and we all love the beauty of the natural world. The questions, paired with the designs, gently interrupt habitual thought patterns and help us see life from a new perspective. And as we pause to listen for the answers, we're instantly connected to the wisdom, truth and love that’s already inside.


$19.99; 7+

SHABOOM! will have you facing off against your opponents in a series of challenges sure to test your speed and agility.  Every challenge is an action that anyone can do - it all comes down to who can do it first.  Flip It, Stack It, Spell It, Roll It - SHABOOM!  


$29.95; 10+

Players flip cards until the symbols on two players cards match. Matching players race to give an example of the category on their opponent’s card. Sounds easy, right? Think again. Wild Cards create unexpected matches and even losing a card can set off a chain of cascading face-offs. Look out, it could be your turn at any time.


ROLLERS A Game of Matching Die and Scoring High
$19.95; 8+

Rollers is the fun new dice game of fast rolling, quick combo making, and collecting chips. Race to be the first player to fill up your game board by “opening” and “closing” your game board sets. The better your roll, the more chips other players have to pay up. Wild Stars will help you make your sets, but beware the dreaded Zap that cancels your roll. With Rollers, the first player to score five points wins.


The Agenda Game
$34.99; 13+

The Agenda Game is a small piece of political theater in a box where players can throw their hat into the political ring. But these presidential candidates aren’t competing for electoral votes – they have agendas. Players choose one of seven political personas (Conservative, Environmentalist, Liberal, Moralist, Libertarian, Corporatist or Socialist), each with specific agenda “planks.” Players travel around the pitfall-laden road that is American politics – from scandals to buying off politicians to filibusters – where the object is to win over the public in votes and polls and gather enough money to implement the most agenda planks. Along the way there is political humor, trivia to test political knowledge, and scandals to avoid.

Published: November 2016