Crafts For Kids

  • Greedy Ghosts Game
    What to do with all that leftover Halloween candy? Toss it into the open mouths of these three greedy ghosts, and it becomes a fun game for one or a whole party!Supplies: Cardboard box (at least 12 in... Read More »
  • Creepy Cones
    Kids can express their creativity with this fun, easy Halloween craft. A search of the cupboards or a trip to the dollar store will supply everything needed to create these creepy cones for Halloween!... Read More »
  • Candy Wrapper Frame
    Instead of throwing out all those colorful candy wrappers leftover from Trick-or-Treating, save them to create a frame that’s as sweet as the photo it holds!Supplies: Wood frame (unfinished works ... Read More »
  • 4th of July Flip-Flops
    Turn a plain pair of flip-flops into a Fourth of July fashion statement. Wear them all summer long—red, white and blue never goes out of style! SuppliesFlip-flops (available at the dollar store)Ribb... Read More »

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