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Burlap Bunnies

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Burlap bunnies filled with Easter treats.

These cute burlap bunnies are fun to create and fill with treats, making them perfect for friends or classmates! Kids can participate in assembly or decorating with adult help.


  • Jelly beans or other small candy
  • Small plastic baggies
  • Twist ties
  • Roll of burlap* (available at craft stores), cut into 12” squares
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon, cut into 12” pieces
  • 12 mm wiggle eyes
  • 1.5 cm pom poms
  • Glue gun or craft glue
  • Pink felt


  1. Put small amount of candy in each bag and secure with a twist tie.
    Burlap bunnies-stage 1
  2. Put a bag of candy in the center of a burlap square.
  3. Pull up two opposite corners of burlap to meet at top.
    burlap bunnies-stage 2
  4. Roll the corners down to the candy.
    burlap bunnies-stage 3
  5. Take the two remaining corners and gather them in the middle, creating two long bunny ears.
  6. Use a pipe cleaner to secure ears place.
  7. Tie a ribbon into a bow over the pipe cleaner.
  8. Glue on wiggle eyes and pom pom nose.
    burlap bunnies-stage 4
  9. Cut felt into long bunny ear shapes that fit on the burlap ears. Adhere with glue.

*A 5-yard roll of burlap yields about fifteen 12” squares.

Diana Buell is a local mom and crafter.

Published April 2017