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Art with Alyssa: Pop Art Hearts

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pop art heart art

A fun art project to do with kids on Valentine’s Day or anytime of the year.

Pop Art artists of the 1960s, such as Andy Warhol, used everyday objects as inspiration for art. In the 1980s another group of artists inspired by Pop Art followed suit, and the Neo-Pop movement was born. These Pop Art Hearts are inspired by the amazing art of two artists: Jim Dine (Pop Art) and Romero Britto (Neo-Pop).

pop art heart art 2

Discussion Points for Teachers/Parents

  • Talk about color and lines.
  • Discuss warm colors (red, yellow, orange) and cool colors (blue, green, purple).
  • Look at artwork by Romero Britto and Jim Dine at the library or online.


  • Construction paper or cardstock (9”x12”)
  • Pencil and paintbrushes
  • Tempera paint: black or white, plus desired colors (red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, purple are good starters)
  • Cup
  • Paper towel or clean sponge
  • Newsprint, paper grocery bag, placemat or other item to cover workspace


  1. Using a pencil, draw a large heart in the center of the paper.
  2. Paint the center of the heart (striped, blended or solid) using bright colors.
  3. Paint the background using different colors so the heart “pops” off the page. If you use warm colors (red, yellow and orange) for the heart, try using cool colors (blue, green, purple) for the background. Let dry slightly.
  4. Paint patterns on the heart* or the background (or both). Dots, circles, straight lines, zigzag lines, small flowers—any pattern works. Let dry completely.
  5. Outline the heart in black, white (or other bold color) paint.

*Tip: To avoid unwanted blending of colors, rinse paintbrushes between colors and blot wet brush on paper towel or sponge.

pop art heart art 3

More Tips & Ideas

  1. For the brightest colors, do not dilute the paint.
  2. Frame your artwork for display.
  3. Make small paintings (5”x7” or smaller) and turn them into greeting cards.
  4. Scan your artwork image and print to make multiple cards or valentines.

Alyssa Navapanich is an art enthusiast who teaches art to elementary school kids in North County.

Published February 2017