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Crafts for Kids: Fiesta Banner

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Fiesta Cinco de Mayo banner, party decorations

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo at home? Make a festive decoration with this quick and easy DIY project.

6 sheets of tissue paper (10” x 20”)
Several sheets of black paper or cardstock
Roll of crepe paper (streamer)
White and/or colored chalk
Stapler and staples
6” plate (or compass)
Glue stick or double-sided tape
Decorative scissors (optional)
Hole punch (optional)

1.    Fold a sheet of tissue in half from top to bottom (see image “b” below); then, fold it in half from side to side, then again, to make a vertical rectangle (see images “c” and “d” below).
2.    Fold the remaining five sheets of tissue paper in the same way.
3.    Cut a length of crepe paper at least six feet long.
4.    Then, use a stapler to attach each of the six flags along their tops to the length of streamer.
5.    With regular scissors, cut ½” strips from the bottom to 2/3 of the way up each folded tissue flag to create fringe (see image “e” below).
6.    Now, use a pencil to trace around a plate six times onto the back of the black paper. (Or use a compass to make circles about 6” in diameter.)
7.    Use scissors (decorative ones make it extra fun) to cut out the six circles.
8.    A hole punch can then be used to punch all around the circle for an extra pattern.
9.    Draw one letter on each black circle with chalk. Make them as plain or decorative as desired.
10.    Use glue or tape to attach each lettered circle to the banner flags. The banner is ready to hang up and help celebrate the festivities!

party banner instructions party banner instructions

Great tips and ideas:
•    All of the supplies needed can be inexpensively purchased at a dollar store.
•    Make a longer banner that reads “Cinco De Mayo”
•    Make mini banners for doors or the backs of chairs.
•    Make larger individual fringed flags for decorations and for signs with messages and greetings.
•    Use ribbon, yarn or ric-rac in place of the crepe paper streamer.
•    Use oil pastels or colored pencils instead of chalk.
•    Instead of drawing the letters use large alphabet stickers, cut them from paper or print them from a computer.
•    If a stapler/staples aren’t available, use a glue stick or double-sided tape to attach the parts together.
•    Add glitter and sequins for a little sparkle on the banner.
•    Add more punched holes, or even other shaped fun punches.
•    Add lots of curled gift ribbon to each end of  the banner for a colorful touch.
•    Hang up the banner with tape or push pins.
•    For a more rustic look, make a banner with materials like torn fabric, burlap, twine, doilies, etc.
•    Make these cheap and easy banners for birthdays and other holidays too!


Pamela Maxwell is an artist, author and mother of two growing boys. Her craft and scrapbooking projects have appeared in numerous books and magazines. Photos by Pamela Maxwell.

Published: April 2015