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Mother's Memory Book

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Create a Memory Book for Mother's DayMake Mom extra happy this Mother's Day with the gif to many mementos organized into one handy album!

Kids’ school papers, letters, artwork, cards, etc.
2 sheets plain paper or card stock (8 1/2” x 11” or larger)
Photos (optional)
3 binder rings
Hole punch
Paper clips
Permanent glue-stick or double-sided tape


Here’s How:

1.) First, gather the piles of papers that kids create—such as school work, report cards, certificates, greeting cards, stories, drawings and other art.
2.) Next, use markers to write “Memories For Mom” on a sheet of paper or cardstock. Decorate the cover with designs if desired.
3.) Stack the cover page on the second sheet of paper or cardstock and use a hole punch to make three holes down the left side. This will be the back cover.
4.) Repeat the hole punching until all the full pages to go into the album are punched down the left side with holes. (A 3-hole punch is easiest, but if a single hole punch is being used, make sure to line up the holes with the ones on the covers.)
5.) Then, use paper clips or adhesive to attach cards, photos and other small items to the blank backsides of the pages.

6.)Now Mom will have a fun and tidy way to look back at the past year as often as she likes!

More ideas:
• Use bigger binder rings to fit more pages into the album.
• Use yarn, binder clips or staples to bind the book instead. Look for pretty, colored binder rings at office supply stores.
• Add new pages to the book throughout the rest of the year.
• Instead of drawing a cover for the book, simply add the title to an existing piece of art.
• Use sheets of craft foam or cardboard for a sturdier cover.
• Instead of writing the title, use alphabet stickers or rubber stamps.
• Add an inscription to the first page of the album, stating the date, who it’s to and from and a nice Mother’s Day greeting.
• Write captions on each page, explaining the photos, projects and dates.
• Adding small embellishments like stickers, sequins or rhinestones.
• Include only artwork in the album and title it “Masterpieces For Mom.”
• When original pieces can’t be included in the album, like sculptures and dioramas, attach photos of them.
• Include clippings or photos of the kid’s current favorites—foods, shows, books and toys—to really capture the memories; they will surely be different and easily forgotten a year from now.
• For a treasured yearly tradition make a new album each spring.
• Gift wrap the present with a painting on paper that is too large to include in the binding.
• Make smaller or larger sizes of the book depending on the size of the papers used.
• This would make a great gift for Dad or grandparents, too! 

Pamela Frye Hauer is an artist, author and mother of two busy little boys. Her craft and scrapbooking projects have appeared in numerous books and magazines. Her most recent book is “Memories in Miniature.”  Photo by Pamela Frye Hauer