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Must Read Books For All Ages

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Books For All Ages! A possibly lost puppy with shoes, a penguin afraid of water, and the beauty of wildlife: Animals are definitely a big theme in this month's selection of books. There's also books about self-esteem, art and traveling the globe, too!


The Wonderful Thing You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

From brave and bold to creative and clever, the rhythmic rhyme expresses all the loving things that parents think of when they look at their children. With beautiful and sometimes humorous illustrations, and a clever gatefold with kids in costumes, this is a book grown-ups will love reading over and over to kids, both young and old.


You Are My Best Friend by Barbara Jean Hicks

 Hear from Anna and Elsa to learn about what makes every friendship different and special. Follow proper Princess Elsa and fun-loving Anna and discover that you have been there from the beginning just like a true friend. Join the sisters on a journey to see just how fast a bond can grow and learn that the right companion can bring warmth to the wintriest kingdoms. Your lovely child won’t want to let go of this personalized book with his/her name, photo and a special dedication message.

dadaYour Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA by Jimmy Fallon

Your baby's first word will be . . ."Dada!" Right? Everyone knows that fathers wage a secret campaign to ensure that their babies' first word is "Dada!" But how does it work? One of the most popular entertainers in the world and NBC's "The Tonight Show" host, Jimmy Fallon, shows you how.


Duddle Puck the Puddle Duck by Karma Wilson

Everyone knows that ducks quack, right? Well, everyone except Duddle Puck, a puddle duck who just won’t quack. Duddle Puck just loves to make all sorts of barnyard sounds as he jigs around the farm. He can cluck, honk, oink and neigh with the best of them. But quack? Nope. The other barnyard animals think there’s no room on a farm for a duck that won’t behave like a duck. Yet as they try to teach Duddle Puck be a proper duck, they may just find that their rules aren’t all they’re “quacked” up to be.


Princess Cupcake Jones and the Queen's Closet by Ylleya Fields

Princess Cupcake Jones loves exploring her mom’s closet and trying on shoes. In the closet she finds herself in a transforming make-believe world of fun. When Cupcake discovers a special box that she hasn’t seen before, curiosity propels her to explore what lies within the mystery box. And once she looks inside, she finds herself in a shoe-filled situation that is more than she could have imagined.  


In the Butterfly Garden by Phiippe Ug

This delightful and ingenious pop-up book traces a caterpillar's evolution from lowly cocoon to magnificent winged butterfly. Along the way we find cunning insects hidden in the grass, inchworms munching their way through a jungle of leaves and a floral paradise where the newly hatched butterfly makes its home. Intricately constructed with the dazzling color and delicate details that have become UG's trademark, this book also tells young readers one of nature's most basic stories.


The Full Moon at the Napping House by Audrey & Don Wood

In the wide-awake bed in the full-moon house, everyone is restless. The moonlight is pouring in and no one can get to sleep: not Granny, her grandchild, the dog, the cat or even a mouse. It's not until a tiny musical visitor offers up a soothing song does the menagerie settle down, and finally everyone is off to dreamland.


Counting Lions: Portraits from the Wild by Katie Cotton

Exquisite charcoal drawings of ten endangered creatures: lions, elephants, giraffes, pandas, tigers, chimpanzees, penguins, turtles, macaws and zebras, startle the viewer with their size and astonishing detail. A poetic text notes each creature’s particular qualities and behavior, while providing a quiet counting exercise and a reminder that these animals must be cherished and protected.

archieArchie the Daredevil Penguin by Andy Rash

Gadzooks! Archie the Daredevil Penguin is hiding a dark secret: he’s afraid of the water and the creatures who lurk in the briny deep. And it’s keeping him from attending the fish fry on Iceberg Nine. But penguins aren’t supposed to be afraid of water, especially not daredevil penguins. He musn’t let his friends know. Can Archie find a way to soar above the clouds and stay out of the sea?  


A Dog Wearing Shoes by Sangmi Ko

When Mini finds a small moppet of a dog, with fluffy ears, no collar and wearing yellow booties, she understandably wants to take it home. Despite Mom's insistence that the dog probably already has a family, Mini gets attached and is awfully proud of her new pal, who can sing, sit and give both paws. But when the pup runs off one day at the park, Mini comes to understand how someone else out there might be missing the little guy too.

rainAnd Then It Rained on Malcolm by Paige Feurer

Even when it’s pouring rain, Malcolm can’t bring himself to stay inside. He puts on his red boots and his red coat, pulls on his goggles, and heads out for an adventure. He splashes around the yard, jumps in puddles and gets tickled by worms. But when Malcolm’s done playing he runs right through the mud and right through the sand—and right through the house. Mom’s not impressed. How is this silly boy going to fix his mess?

samSam’s Sandwich by David Pelham

Sam’s sister wants a very special sandwich, so he does his best to oblige. Lettuce, cheese, tomato, salami and so much more. Just unfold each layer to see what surprise he has slipped underneath, if you haven’t already figured it out from the hints in the rhyming text. Served up as a sandwich-shaped book with a gruesome guessing game on every spread, "Sam’s Sandwich" is a delectable gift for little terrors.


If You’re a Robot and you Know It by David A. Carter and Musical Robot

It's the classic version of "If You're Happy and You Know It" as you've never seen (or heard!) it before. Sing along to the free downloadable song by the dynamic Musical Robot team, then turn the pages as David Carter's clever pop-ups show the robot characters going through all of the call-out movements, from clapping hands to shooting laser beams out of your eyes.



The Babies and Doggies Book by John & Molly

When you stop and think about it, babies and doggies do many of the same things. They squirm, sniff, sit and splash. They play ball and cuddle. Lots of things babies do, doggies do too! This board book explores all of the similar actions shared by baby and baby's best friend.



Sophie’s Big Noisy Day Book!

Sophie's hoping to have a quiet day, but instead it's full of noisy surprises. This beautiful Sophie la girafe noisy board book for babies and toddlers features a fun-to-read story, lift the flaps and five exciting sounds: duck, horn, train, helicopter and music.


Where’s Waldo? The Sticker Book! by Martin Handford

Packed in this book are hundreds of stickers just waiting for fans old and new to get their hands on them. Use ones from Waldo's original classics to decorate cards and wrapping paper or create a wacky story. Other stickers are large enough to hide everywhere for a fun Waldo hunt with friends. Look for lots of other sticker activities throughout.


Imagine by Karen Kilpatrick

Imagine and dream. Play and learn. Now you have the wand. It is your turn. What will you change? Who will you be? Anything's possible-try it and see. Slide down rainbows and swing from stars. Bounce on clouds and drive fast cars.  Join the Pumpkinheads as the switch the world around in a silly adventure that explores the power of imagination and the differences that make the world beautiful.


Bricksy by Jeff Friesen

This hilarious new book of diorama photographs uses LEGO bricks to spoof the famous work of the mysterious anonymous graffiti artist known as Banksy. Bricksy goes beyond transforming the medium by expanding the scenes it plays on and adding a humorous twist to each one. Each of the 84 photographs is wittily captioned, delightful to look at and appropriate for a wide range of ages.


The Whisper by Pamela Zagarenski

Step inside the pages of a little girl's magical book as she discovers the profound and inspiring notion that we each bring something different to the same story.


Up on My Tippy Toes by Dr. Linda Sturrup

This cute story shows how Natalie Jean initially responds to the challenge of difficulties in dance class. This is a great story for young readers to encourage them not to give up and to keep trying when learning new things.


It’s Fancy to Be Me

Your little girl goes on a worldwide trip to see different countries, and she wears fancy clothes from each culture along the way. At the end, she realizes that the fanciest thing of all is to be herself!

Published: December 2015