Restaurant Reviews

  • San Diego's Best French Toast
    Love French toast? Yeah, so do we. But not all French toast is created equal. It’s as varied as people’s preferences. Check our list to find French toast “styles” that speak to you.Café 22222... Read More »
  • 7 Places to Get Pozole in San Diego
    Pozole is a traditional Latin American stew or soup that is mainly made of hominy. Classically made with pork, modern variations sometimes substitute chicken or seafood and add their own twist with ch... Read More »
  • 6 Places to Get Hot Chocolate in San Diego
    Wondering where to go for a delicious cup of hot chocolate? Here are San Diego coffee shops and eateries that are worth a visit. The Mission Mission Blvd., Mission ... Read More »
  • San Diego's Favorite Tea Shops
    San Diego’s Favorite Tea Shops  A tea party is a fun outing for the holidays, Mother’s Day, a group field trip, mom’s day out or any special occasion. Enjoy tea service at these favorite Sa... Read More »

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