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Snacking with Joy: Flower Box

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Make this healthy flower afterschool snack with your kids.

I designed this healthy flower box snack for my girls, who are allergic to nuts. We enjoy creating afterschool snacks together and making food allergies fun! I like to call it “Snacking with Joy.”

Please note: all steps that involve cutting should be done by an adult.

These flowers celebrate the uniqueness of my three daughters. Be creative as you design your own! I place extra pieces of cut fruit in a “seed bowl.” When the girls want more flowers, we plant more “seeds” on their plate.

sunflower seed butter (or your favorite nut free spread)
gluten-free bread

The flower box is a sandwich made with sunflower seed butter and gluten-free bread. Use a mini loaf or cut a sandwich in half. Center it at the bottom of the plate.

Flower stems: Cut a celery stalk lengthwise into 3 sections and trim to fit the plate.

Flower 1: Section an orange and arrange the slices. Place a blueberry in the center.

-Flower 2: Cut apple chunk “petals” and arrange in a circle. Place a raspberry ring in the center.

-Flower 3: Slice a strawberry lengthwise. Place one slice point up as the center of the rose. Cut another strawberry slice in half and arrange (as shown) to make rose petals.


Recipe and photo created by San Diego mom blogger, Joy Brownlee, who likes making allergy-friendly snacks for her daughters (ages 7, 4 and 18 months). Follow Joy at

Published: August 2014